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Hexogen ALPHA

Hexogen is a game that takes players through time to demonstrate the advancement of technology. After surviving the dangers of the prehistoric era you're dropped in the Blazing sands of Egypt. Thousands of years later you make it back to the present time where you have the ability to continue your epic journey. The game transitions to a breathtaking conceptualized version of our distant future. With every progression users face varying challenges in unbelievably harsh environments, rapidly changing economies, creation and destruction of new technologies, basic resource availability, and much more. Users have the ability to create sustainable colonies to keep their NPC and human members safe from outside attacks. You will have to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice to become the best, not many will make it, most will try. Any decision you make now may change the difficulty of your progression in the future. Hexogen can be unforgiving yet you'll never want to leave.

Hexobots Unleashed

The year is 3016 and you have been thawed from a cryogenic travel pod since your spaceship crashed on planet Aladfar's moon HEXO-130. Your team has already built a small sustainable base. You will be sent on a mission to gather resources with a few team mates from the planets acidic lake. Just be careful, you're not the only one in need of the planets rich resources.


This beautiful piece of ROBLOX real estate is based off the Waldorf Astoria, a Hilton owned hotel in NYC. We spent nearly 500 hours detailing this showcase.